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    ZDNet: Barriers to BYOD? A lack of trust in employers to protect privacy

    ZDNet reports on the practice of Bring Your Own Device at companies, where employees’ personal computing products are used for company business.  For some employees, according to a recent survey, there are privacy questions:

    When it comes down to adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) schemes, employee adoption is hampered by a lack of trust in employers and a lack of faith that individual privacy will be protected.

    New research conducted by Ovum on behalf of mobile security firm AdaptiveMobile says these two factors remain a barrier to increased mobility within the enterprise. When asked to use personal devices for work purposes, end users trust mobile service providers more than employers to protect their privacy, according to the survey. While over 84 percent of employees rated privacy as a top three concern, there is a “clear lack of trust” and belief that corporations are able to manage their mobile security and privacy effectively.

    The Ovum Employee Mobility Survey was conducted in July 2014 and surveyed 5,187 employees in organisations worldwide. […] In addition, 24 percent of respondents revealed a general mistrust of employers being granted any type of control over their devices.

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