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    ZDNet Australia: Data retention should last one year: AG

    ZDNet Australia reports on data retention negotiations between the United States, European nations and Australia that could result in Internet search providers retaining data on users for one year.

    The talks, set for July this year, will lay the foundations to unify current data retention plans between the US, Europe and Australia.

    Governments have proposed that internet providers retain information on customers including websites visited, online searches and key data required to tie verified account identities to IP addresses. The ideas are being pushed as a means to assist law enforcement within and across national borders. […]

    The talks will likely see the Federal Government adopt a US proposal to temper the duration that web logs are kept and the scope of data retained, as well as limit the number of agencies that can access the logs.

    [Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland] said governments have a “strong obligation” to balance the scope of data retention — including when data should be destroyed and who can access it and for what purpose — with the needs to assist law enforcement to crackdown on online criminal activity.

    The data retention proposal has irked internet providers across Australia, the US and Europe, which argue that retaining the logs will be expensive.

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