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    Wyoming Tribune Eagle: Court rules to change access laws

    The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that the state supreme court has changed its rules to limit public access to data in court records in order to protect personal privacy.

    Beginning in January, clerks must redact certain information in court records before the public is granted access. The new rule limits information on financial and Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and the identity of children.

    Supreme Court officials said Friday it’s an effort to prevent identity theft. But others believe the change may be too far reaching.

    Stephen Miller, an investigator with S.J. Miller Associates, wrote a letter to Supreme Court Justice Barton Voigt earlier this month, explaining how the rule change could greatly affect his work. The majority of his work involves interviewing witnesses in civil and criminal cases, he wrote. […]

    Miller wrote that removal of birth date, address and telephone information creates an issue with identifying the proper individual and any criminal or civil litigation history. […]

    The chief justice said the court has received enough complaints about redaction of information that they intend to review the rules to ensure reasonableness.

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