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    World Privacy Forum Releases Interactive Map of Medical Identity Theft Cases Nationwide

    World Privacy Forum, Medical Identity Theft graphicThe World Privacy Forum has created an interactive map about medical identity theft cases in the United States. WPF based its graphic on 14 months of data from the Federal Trade Commission. Here’s what WPF says about accuracy, “The WPF used solely the FTC Consumer Sentinel data to compile this map. This data is consumer-reported, and as such will not be a final, definitive picture of medical identity theft. Nevertheless, this map is an accurate picture of the consumer reports of medical identity theft,” and what trends this reveals, “This map reveals a strong geographic clustering of medical identity theft in Florida, California (especially southern California), New York, Arizona, and Texas. The WPF is publishing more materials on medical identity theft containing additional data for a greater span of years.” Click the graphic to find out more information.

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