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    World Privacy Forum: Patient’s Guide to HIPAA: How to Use the Law to Guard your Health Privacy

    The World Privacy Forum has released “A Patient’s Guide to HIPAA: How to Use the Law to Guard your Health Privacy.” It’s a great resource and has an easy to use format especially the Frequently Asked Questions section. Here’s what World Privacy Forum has to say: 

    The Guide offers a roadmap through the thicket of dense health privacy laws and rules that many patients have questions about. The purpose of this guide is to help patients cut through the red tape and understand how to make health privacy laws work to protect their privacy.

    The guide is written for patients, and uses a Frequently Asked Questions and Answers format. The Guide focuses mostly on the federal health privacy rule known as HIPAA. This federal privacy rule establishes a baseline of protection that applies to health care providers and health care insurers throughout the United States. The guide also discusses other federal laws that cover some medical records. This guide does not offer detailed, technical explanations for every provision and every nuance of HIPAA. Instead, this guide concentrates on those parts of HIPAA that will be most helpful to real people. This guide does not offer a review of state law, and you need to know that a stronger state law can provide additional privacy protections.

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