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    Washington Post: Supreme Court to consider corporate privacy rights

    The Washington Post reports that the U.S. Supreme Court will consider corporations’ privacy rights:

    The Supreme Court will determine whether a corporation can assert privacy rights to keep the government from releasing information about it and will revisit the tangled legal history of Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith. Both cases are part of a batch of new work the justices accepted Tuesday. […]

    One is Federal Communications Commission v. AT&T, which raises the question of what information the public may access about a company under investigation.

    At issue is an exception to the Freedom of Information Act that restricts the release of documents that would violate a personal privacy interest. AT&T cited the exception to keep the FCC from releasing information gathered in an investigation of the company’s participation in the federal E-Rate program, which helps provide Internet access to schools.

    A federal appeals court agreed. But the government asked the high court to consider the issue, in a brief filed by then-solicitor general Elena Kagan, who joined the court last month. As a result, Kagan is recused from the case.

    Public interest groups say the exception would prevent the public and media organization from getting timely information.

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