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    Wall Street Journal’s In-depth Report About Surveillance and Privacy

    The Wall Street Journal has published an in-depth report, “What They Know,” about the state of surveillance in the United States and how these surveillance programs affect individual privacy. Full coverage is at: The Journal also has asked for questions from the public about online spying and privacy risks: “If you have questions for reporter Julia Angwin, other Journal reporters and editors or digital-privacy experts, leave a comment here, email or reply to @WhatTheyKnow on Twitter.”

    Here’s the list of stories so far:

    • The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets — This article explains the investigative series of reports. “A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet is the business of spying on consumers.”
    • Tracking the Trackers: Our Method — This article details the methodology used by the Wall Street Journal to investigate Internet tracking technology.
    • Sites Feed Personal Details To New Tracking Industry — This article details Web sites that have installed consumer-tracking tools. “The Journal’s study shows the extent to which Web users are in effect exchanging personal data for the broad access to information and services that is a defining feature of the Internet.”
    • How to Avoid the Prying Eyes — This article explains how people can reduce the amount that they are tracked online by surveillance programs.
    • Analyzing What You Have Typed — “In a study of surveillance technology deployed by companies on the Internet, the Journal found that marketing-technology firm Lotame Solutions captures in real time what people are typing on a site and analyzes it.”
    • The Tracking Ecosystem — This is a graphic detailing the “process that passes information about you and your interests to tracking companies and advertisers” that is kicked off when you browse the Web.

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