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    Wall Street Journal: In an Age of Digital Identity, FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz Calls for Privacy by Design

    The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D reports on remarks by Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz concerning privacy rights:

    Jon Leibowitz is no newcomer to Washington. He has been at the Federal Trade Commission since 2004, dealing with antitrust issues at a national level.

    But his job looks much different today than it did eight years ago. Facebook and Google have grown into juggernauts of the Internet […] They’re two of a few Silicon Valley giants who have singularly formed the concept of identity in the digital age. And it’s Leibowitz’s job to make sure these big boys are playing by the rules.

    Leibowitz discussed a few of his organization’s stances on privacy, market competition and other topics in conversation with Walt Mossberg at our D: All Things Digital conference on Thursday.

    There’s the good news: Leibowitz says that inside the Beltway, issues surrounding privacy aren’t divided between the red and the blue. “The FTC is about as bipartisan as you can get,” he said. “It happens to be a small oasis of bipartisanship in Washington.”

    And, for the most part, the FTC under Leibowitz has made it clear at a high level what privacy norms it expects from Internet companies: Transparency, easily digestable privacy statements and general product design that takes privacy into account from the get-go. […]

    But there’s a rub for these Internet companies: “There’s a feeling of ‘I want to do the right thing but don’t want to be at a competitive disadvantage,’” Leibowitz said.

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