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    Vietnam News: DNA cards to help locals detect disease

    Vietnam News has an interesting story on proposed DNA identification cards.

    People suffering from hereditary diseases may benefit from a DNA-testing programme that Viet Nam plans to introduce by 2010.

    The programme, implemented by the Ha Noi-based Centre for Genetic Analysis and Technologies, would include ‘DNA cards’ that help in early detection of 10 of the most common hereditary diseases, said Le Dinh Luong, the centre founder and president of the Viet Nam Genetics Society. […]

    The cards could even be used for three-month-old children in the womb. Obstetric experts said at this early period, doctors could take necessary intervention measures for disease treatment.

    It is particularly disturbing that the Viet Nam Genetics Society president says, “DNA cards have become popular around the world, proving their obvious value.” I know of no country that has created such identification cards.

    The security and privacy risks are clear: What happens when health insurance companies insist on knowing your DNA identification card information before deciding whether to insure you or your children? What happens when employers demand DNA data from job applicants? What happens when the first breach occurs and the sensitive medical details of millions of individuals are made public? 

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