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    Vietnam Joins List of Countries Requiring Cellphone Database

    Previously, I noted that Spain, Mexico and Japan are all seeking to identify some types of cellphone users and create databases. Besides the usual biographical data, Mexico also seeks to gather cellphone owners’ fingerprints. Now, VietNamNet Bridge reports that many prepaid cellphone users in Vietnam “have not yet registered their personal information with their network providers, or have provided only false information.”

    The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has ordered all prepaid subscribers to register their SIM cards by providing their name, date of birth and ID card or passport number by Tuesday, June 30. The move is part of an effort to track down companies and individuals who send out large volumes of unsolicited text messages and to hold them accountable.

    Network providers have been sending text messages and calling customers to inform them of the registration guidelines. […]

    Company officials also say many SIM cards have been registered using false information.

    For instance, many have listed their year of birth as prior to 1800 or have provided a phony name or ID number, according to company representatives. However, such registration forms are still being entered as valid. […]

    Moreover, retailers have registered a large number of SIM cards themselves and have then resold them.

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