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    Vancouver Sun: Insurance corporation discovers more privacy breaches

    The Vancouver Sun reports:

    An Insurance Corporation of B.C. investigation, sparked by a recent controversy, has uncovered two more cases where lawyers acting for the organization breached the privacy of jurors in a civil trial.

    On Thursday, ICBC president and CEO Jon Schubert said the investigation found two cases — one in 2000, another in 2006 — in which lawyers acting on behalf of the company had “inappropriate access” to the claims history of jurors.

    The discovery follows a case in April in which a defence lawyer for ICBC sought and received jurors’ claims history information from an ICBC adjuster. […]

    The controversy follows a report last year that found workers at ICBC’s research and training facility deliberately falsified records for 94 damaged vehicles so they could be sold at auction.

    The report blamed the problems on a tangle of contradictory corporate policies, corrupt managers and little to no ethical accountability. […]

    [Labour and Citizens’ Services Minister Iain Black] said he has asked Information and Privacy Commissioner David Loukidelis to broaden the scope of his review into the invasions of privacy to ensure British Columbians get the answers they deserve.

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