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    USA Today: You’re being watched: Just ‘LOOK’ at this new Showtime series

    USA Today reports on a new fictional TV series on Showtime, “Look,” which considers the consequences of constant video surveillance of the public.

    The 11-part series, the brainchild of longtime Hollywood director-writer-actor Adam Rifkin, explores the real-life consequences of the digital era, in which every conceivable act by Americans seemingly is tweeted, streamed on YouTube, texted from a smartphone (with photos) and posted on Facebook. […]

    The series is the outgrowth of a critically acclaimed movie by the same name, also created by Rifkin. “I don’t want to say that all surveillance cameras are good or bad,” he says. “But with lots of cameras on, be sure that you don’t get caught with your pants down.”

    That literally is the case in several storylines interweaved in the Los Angeles-based setting, from a homeless man to cheating spouses and clueless high school students.

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