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    USA Today: TSA: More gate searches in store for fliers

    USA Today reports on “a new, more aggressive effort by airport screeners aims to halt randomly selected passengers for a security check just before they step onto their departing plane, according to a government memo obtained by USA TODAY.”

    Scores of passengers have already been pulled aside for searches as they waited in line at airport gates for boarding calls. Each of the passengers had already passed through security checkpoints when a uniformed Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer asked them to step out of line to check their IDs or search their carry-on bags.

    Passengers can be selected at random or for suspicious behavior, according to a TSA memo dated last Thursday. The program primarily targets riskier flights, according to the memo, which doesn’t specify how flights are singled out. […]

    David Conklin of Washington, D.C., was mystified Thursday when a team of six TSA screeners showed up to check the IDs of passengers boarding a 50-seat jet flying from Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina to Washington National. “I didn’t feel reassured,” he said. “I felt, what is this next hassle I’m going to have to go through?”

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