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    USA Today: The Kindle Fire’s big security problem

    USA Today reports on security questions with Amazon’s tablet/e-reader, the Kindle Fire:

    Security concerns are giving some consumers another reason to hold off on the Kindle Fire, one of the holiday’s hottest gadgets. […]

    In order to use the Fire, users must tie it to an account — with credit card on file — that is set up to purchase items with just one click.

    This means that anyone given access to the device can buy, with just a tap, e-books, apps, TV shows and music.

    Even more concerning: If a user has recently logged into the shopping app, the next person who picks up the Fire can use that app to buy anything from the Web giant’s catalog, even if the device has briefly gone dormant between uses. […]

    Amazon said a software fix would come for the device in less than two weeks to address some of the security concerns. […]

    Amazon’s chief competitor here, the Nook Tablet ($250) from Barnes and Noble, does include some security settings.

    The Nook Tablet allows users to change the settings to require a password to be typed in for each purchase made on the device.

    Barnes and Noble’s tablet also allows users to keep recently read items from being displayed as such and can keep a separate area on the device for just apps for kids.

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