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    USA Today: Report slams TSA failure to track security passes

    USA Today reports that the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General criticized the Transportation Security Agency for failing to track its security passes and employee uniforms. This is a huge security risk, as the story details:

    The Transportation Security Administration lacked centralized controls over the secure passes issued to some of its employees, according to Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Richard Skinner. The passes grant people access to the most sensitive areas of an airport, such as where baggage is screened or planes are parked.

    Investigators found numerous cases in which former employees retained their passes long after they had left the agency.

    The investigation also found that TSA uniforms were frequently not collected when employees left or were transferred.

    People using improper badges, IDs or uniforms — particularly in combination — “could significantly increase an airport’s vulnerability to unauthorized access and, potentially, a wide variety of terrorist and criminal acts,” the report said.

    TSA has had numerous security problems in the past. Recently, a TSA baggage screener was charged with theft of passengers’ belongings. Also, the terror watch lists are constantly derided.

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