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    USA Today: How to stop ad trackers on your smartphones

    In a column at USA Today, Kim Komando discusses privacy and marketers’ tracking of Internet users:

    Both Apple and Android have recently introduced new ways for advertisers to deliver targeted ads to us. This sounds like bad news, but the good part is that, given widespread consumer outrage on the issues, both companies have shown some spine and designed the new protocols both to keep the data anonymized and to make it easier for us to opt out from tracking. […]

    And, further, we should note that the ad-tracking data the companies collect should be anonymous. They just know a certain user associated with a certain random identifier buys cat food regularly, likes action movies, and visits a Baskin-Robbins a little too frequently – not that it’s you, John W. Smith, doing it all.

    That said, let’s look at the new systems, and I’ll tell you how to opt out.

    Neither company goes out of its way to make this easier. (Details on the new Android ad tracker, incidentally, were broken by USA Today’s Alistair Barr.) Removing them or resetting them takes a bit of work.

    Read the full article for Komando’s tips.

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