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    USA Today: Feds warn PC users to disable Java due to security flaw

    USA Today reports on a significant security flaw with Java, which was announced by the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT):

    The Department of Homeland Security is urging computer users to disable or uninstall the Java programming language because of a serious security vulnerability.

    The flaw in Java 7 “can allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system,” according to a warning posted Thursday by the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

    Hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses may be affected.

    Hackers could exploit the flaw to install malicious software or malware that could make users vulnerable to identity theft or allow their computers to be exploited by “botnets” that could crash networks or be used to attack web sites. […]

    ZD Net first reported the so-called zero-day vulnerability. In a follow up, it showed how the flaw could be exploited.

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