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    Update on Las Vegas Hospital Accused of Illegally Leaking Patient Data

    In November, I wrote about University Medical Center, where “Private information about accident victims treated at University Medical Center has apparently been leaking for months” allegedly “so ambulance-chasing attorneys could mine for clients,” according to the Las Vegas Sun. “Sources say someone at UMC is selling a compilation of the hospital’s daily registration forms for accident patients. This is confidential information — including names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and injuries — that could also be used for identity theft. Hospital officials knew of rumors of the leaks since the summer, but doubted them until provided evidence Thursday by the Sun. Now they’re scrambling to catch up to a crisis that may affect hundreds, if not thousands, of patients,” the Sun reported.

    Now, the Sun reports that the chairman of the county commission where University Medical Center is located is calling for “UMC to be turned into a nonprofit or teaching hospital or some other financially viable model, and for an examination of UMC’s quality of care.” Besides the alleged sale of patients’ confidential data, there have also been charges of mismanagement, poor medical care for cancer and kidney transplant patients, as well as a theft and misconduct trial for the center’s previous CEO. As for the patient data case, “Even though the FBI quickly launched an investigation, hospital officials took almost four weeks to notify patients that their private information had been leaked.”

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