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    Update: New York Times: ‘Clear’ Security Service May Return at Airports

    The New York Times reports that the “Clear” airport program may be reopening. Clear was the leading company in the Transportation Security Administration’s Registered Traveler program, which offered dedicated security lines for travelers who paid an annual fee, passed a background check and submitted biometric data such as iris scans and fingerprints.

    Clear announced in June that it had gone out of business. A judge later ordered the company not to sell the biometric data it collected from its more than 250,000 customers. The New York Times says:

    Kurtis Fechtmeyer, an investment banker based in Emeryville, Calif., said on Tuesday that his new investment group, Henry Inc., had signed a letter of intent with Morgan Stanley, the defunct company’s largest debt holder, to buy its assets and reopen its fast-lane security service, called Clear.

    Mr. Fechtmeyer said his group thought it could bring back the service as soon as this holiday season. It will offer former Clear members, some of whom had paid for years of the service in advance, the option of rejoining with their membership intact. […]

    If the former members choose not to sign up, Mr. Fechtmeyer said, their personal information will be destroyed. The fate of that data had been a source of worry for some Clear customers. […]

    Word of a possible new life for the Clear service surfaced ahead of a hearing that a House Homeland Security subcommittee will hold on Wednesday to discuss the future of the Transportation Security Administration’s registered traveler program. Mr. Fechtmeyer’s wife, Alison Townley, also a principal of Henry, will testify.

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