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    Update: Illinois Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Restrict Employers Asking for Applicants’ Passwords

    Recently, there has been increasing attention on the fact that employers are asking job applicants for their passwords to social-networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace in order to gather personal data when the social-networking profiles are closed to the public. Such demands raise substantial privacy questions. Read a recent post for more information.

    Now, the Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois legislators are considering a bill to protect job applicants from such demands from employers:

    Meticulously setting the privacy settings on your social media accounts could be for naught if a potential employer invites you to log in during the interview and reviews your Facebook page. […]

    “It is just violating a person’s right to privacy,” said state Rep. La Shawn Ford, D-Chicago. After hearing from constituents who said they were asked to turn over Facebook access to prospective employers, Ford introduced a bill that would make the request illegal.

    The legislation would provide a safeguard for those who would be too afraid to tell an employer no, he said. “They feel they would be fired or they wouldn’t really get a fair shot at employment,” he said.

    The bill has received bipartisan support, and Ford said he expects it will be passed by the House and moved to the Senate this week.

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