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    Update: House Passes FISA Amendments Bill, 293-129

    By a vote of 293-129 (with 13 members not voting), the House passed a version of the FISA Amendments bill that allows broad surveillance of U.S. citizens without meaningful Fourth Amendment protections. The Senate will vote on the bill next week.

    The roll call vote is listed here.

    News stories:

    Associated Press; BBC; Chicago Tribune; New York Times; United Press International; Washington Post; Wired News

    Senators’ reactions:

    Russ Feingold and Fact Sheet (pdf)

    Patrick Leahy

    Arlen Specter

    More reactions on the terrible "compromise" language:

    Center for American Progress: Unwarranted: New Domestic Spying Legislation Fails to Restore Judicial Safeguards

    Electronic Frontier Foundation: House Caves, Approves Fake ‘Compromise’ on Telecom Immunity

    San Francisco Chronicle: Congress gives in on wiretapping

    — Washington Post, Dan Froomkin: Follow the Leader

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