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    Update from IAPP: Additional claim filed against Google in privacy case

    Yesterday, there was a report that Italian authorities have charged four Google executives with “criminal charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data,” and a judge is considering procedural issues in the Criminal Court of Milan. Court proceedings are expected to continue on February 18.

    In an update, the International Association of Privacy Professionals reports today:

    [T]he Municipality of Milan has also filed a complaint against the company. Italian law allows public entities to file for compensation when a claim involves a person with disabilities. “It is a sort of moral compensation,” says [attorney Rocco Panetta, former lawyer for the Italian data protection authority]. […]

    The video that sparked the investigation was captured in a Turin classroom. Four high school boys were recorded taunting a young man with Down syndrome, ultimately hitting the 17-year-old with a tissue box. One of the boys uploaded the footage to Google Video’s Italian site on September 8, 2006. […]

    Google removed the video on November 7, 2006, within 24 hours of receiving the requests.

    Nonetheless, Milan public prosecutor Francesco Cajani decided that by allowing the 191-second clip onto its site, Google executives were in breach of Italian penal code.

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