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    Update: Deutsche Telekom Faces Uproar Over Privacy Violations

    I previously blogged about Deutsche Telekom, which admitted Saturday that it secretly combed through its own millions of call records to review the calls made by some of its executives. The phone company said there had been severe and far-reaching misuse of private data in the investigation to determine which employees were leaking data to the media.

    The company is trying to do damage control facing an angry public and outraged German and European government officials. The scandal is affecting the companys bottom line, as AFP reports, “millions of [Deutsche Telekom’s customers] have already dumped the groups fixed-line services.” Also, the German government is Deutsche Telekom’s largest shareholder, owning 32 percent.

    U.S. residents should note that Deutsche Telekom owns T-Mobile USA. Also, there were reports earlier this month that Deutsche Telekom was in talks to buy Sprint Nextel. 

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