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    Update: CNet: Google, bank resolve issue over misfired e-mail

    CNet News has an update in a case concerning privacy, a big error by a bank, and Google’s e-mail service Gmail.

    A bank that accidentally sent sensitive customer information to a Gmail address and persuaded a judge to order Google to deactivate the account has resolved the issue with Google and the companies have filed a motion to dismiss the case.

    Google spokesman Andrew Pederson declined to say exactly how the issue was resolved or to identify the owner of the Gmail account. […]

    “While we regret that the user has been locked out of their account through no fault of their own, we’re not legally able to reactivate the account until the court approves our motion to dismiss the case and vacate the TRO,” Pederson added. “We’re hopeful that the court will act quickly, and as soon as the motion is approved, we’ll reactivate the account.”

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