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    Update: CLEAR Members Stuck Without Service or Refund

    ABC News has an update on the “Clear” airport program. To recap: Clear was the leading company in the Transportation Security Administration’s Registered Traveler program, which offered dedicated security lines for travelers who paid an annual fee, passed a background check and submitted biometric data such as iris scans and fingerprints. Clear announced in June that it had gone out of business. A judge later ordered the company not to sell the biometric data it collected from its more than 250,000 customers.

    Now, ABC News reports: “One group of members filed a class action lawsuit earlier this year. In the suit, attorneys say that weeks before closing, CLEAR continued to sell memberships and collect dues and then abruptly shut down and didn’t offer refunds.” ABC News says a company is seeking to restart the Clear trusted-traveler program sometime this year.

    Henry, Inc.’s site says:

    Henry, Inc. is an investment group formed to restart Clear, the fast pass through airport security. Founded by a former Clear member, Henry, Inc. is focused on providing the same streamlined and consistent experience through airport security that Clear members enjoyed before the program ceased operations.

    Henry is working with new and old Clear investors and partners to restart the program in Winter 2009/2010. Henry will honor the terms of existing Clear members when they choose to join the new program.

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