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    Update: Citi Says Many More Customers Had Data Stolen by Hackers

    Recently, Citigroup, a U.S.-based bank, announced that it had been hacked and customers’ private data was compromised. Now, the New York Times reports that Citigroup says the number of customers affected is 80% more than previously announced:

    The Citigroup credit card data breach exposed the private financial data of more than 360,000 customer accounts, about 80 percent more than it reported last week, according to a statement the bank released late Wednesday night.

    Previously, Citigroup said that more than 200,000 cardholders, or about 1 percent of its 21 million North American cardholders, were affected. The new revelations come as the bank was forced to respond to Connecticut’s attorney general and several other state regulators who have opened inquiries into the breach. They join federal authorities, including the Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who have been conducting investigations into how the bank was attacked. […]

    In the statement, Citigroup also pinpointed May 10 as the date when it discovered the breach, and it said that it had immediately rectified the problem and began an internal investigation. […]

    Citigroup said it implemented “enhanced procedures” to prevent similar incidents from happening and also notified law enforcement and government officials. It did not indicate when they were contacted, however. […]

    Citigroup, citing the ongoing law enforcement investigation, provided no additional details about how their system was left vulnerable.


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