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    Update: Buffalo Grove trustee to get name of anonymous poster

    The Chicago Tribune has an update to a story concerning anonymous online postings I wrote about in October.

    Buffalo Grove Village Trustee Lisa Stone should be told the name of the man she accuses of making defamatory online comments about her 15-year-old son, a judge ruled Monday in a case being watched for its Internet privacy implications.

    Cook County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Lawrence ordered that the identity of a person known online as Hipcheck16 be turned over to Stone. […]

    The comments were posted online April 9 to a story that ran on the Daily Herald’s Web site on April 6, the day before the election in which Stone won a seat.

    When the newspaper’s lawyers said they only had the person’s Internet Protocol address, Stone sought the identity from Comcast, the poster’s Internet provider. […]

    The judge ruled that only Stone and a process server — should she decide to take legal action — may be told the identity of Hipcheck16. Barring an appeal, he said, the court would turn over the information to Stone after another hearing set for Nov. 18.

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