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    Update: Australian State Prohibits Opt-out of Centralized Student Database

    The Courier Mail reports that Queensland is backing down on one requirement for the centralized database of all public schoolchildren in the Australian state. However, the government has threatened to end schoolchildren’s education if their parents refuse to include certain details in this massive centralized database.

    According to the Courier Mail, the government “refused to say what details must be placed on OneSchool” in order for children to be allowed to continue their public school education.

    The OneSchool database was to include “photographs, personal details, career aspirations and off-campus activities as well as student performance records for 480,000 public school children.” The state’s Education Minister still supports including all the data in the OneSchool system, but some principals are advising parents that the children’s photographs do not need to be in their profiles.

    News of the system was widely reportedly last week. See my earlier post on the OneSchool database here.

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