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    Toronto Sun: Playmate too hot for Facebook

    The Toronto Sun reports on a privacy complaint against Facebook from a Canadian user.

    Playboy model and former SUNshine Girl [Anissa Holmes] wants to know why she was suddenly booted off Facebook and why the popular social networking site is keeping her pictures and refusing to grant her access to them.

    “If you’re going to kibosh me, give me back the stuff that belongs to me,” Holmes, 28, said yesterday.

    But Facebook — which yesterday didn’t respond to requests for comment — said Holmes violated its terms and conditions and that she was turfed because “nudity and sexually explicit content is not allowed” on the site. […]
    The Toronto-based model, who grew up in Markham and Newmarket, said there were never any nude pics on her personal profile or fan page, although there were some that featured her in bikinis or lingerie, which is common on the site.

    Holmes wants Facebook to return 300 photos she had posted of family, friends and modeling work, but the company has refused. “She contends that if Facebook had problems with the pictures she had posted, site administrators could have at least warned her or asked her to remove them.”

    Privacy experts say that Holmes can file a complaint with the Canadian Privacy Commissioner stating that Facebook is violating the country’s privacy laws. In July, the Canadian Privacy Commissioner released a report finding the social networking site violated the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) with its policies on third-party applications, account deactivation and deletion, accounts of deceased users, and non-users’ personal information.

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