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    Times of India: Right to privacy may become fundamental right

    The Times of India reports on a movement in the country to make privacy a fundamental right:

    The law ministry is working on a proposal to make right to privacy a fundamental right in the Indian Constitution. […]

    “We are working on making right to privacy a fundamental right. It is likely to be tabled in the monsoon session of Parliament. However, it’s difficult to commit the timeframe,” law minister Veerappa Moily said.

    The right to privacy would include the right to confidentiality of communication, confidentiality of private or family life, protection of his honour and good name, protection from search, detention or exposure of lawful communication between individuals, privacy from surveillance, confidentiality of banking, financial, medical and legal information, protection from identity theft of various kinds, protection of use of a person’s photographs, fingerprints, DNA samples and other samples taken at police stations and other places and protection of data relating to individual. […]

    The fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution include right to equality, right to freedom of speech and expression, right to property, right to education, right to conserving own culture, language and script, right to religion and right against exploitation.

    If the legislation is passed, it would address several concerns expressed by some sections of the civil society. For instance, there has been outrage over the `compromise’ of an individual’s privacy in a project like [the Unique Identification Card], where all personal data will be available at the click of a mouse.

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