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    The Standard (Hong Kong): Cops carpeted over leaks

    The Standard reports on a security breach with the Hong Kong police. Twenty-one police officers have been sanctioned for the breach. Police Commissioner Tang King-shing said the leaks of police data were not caused by hackers or failures in information technology systems, the Standard reports.

    According to a statement issued yesterday by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Tang acknowledged that as of Friday, a total of 28 personal data leakage incidents were caused by staff saving copies of police documents as templates for future use in their personal computers, which were installed with a peer-to- peer application.

    The people affected by the leaks have been alerted. However, it is possible more files from the previous leaks may appear online.

    Internal cyber checks are continuing to prevent a recurrence of data leakages, Tang said. […]

    The Privacy Commissioner told the Standard that he’s considering “an inspection of the data security system run by the police force.”

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