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    Tennessean: Doctors mistakenly fax patients’ data to Indiana company

    The Tennesseean reports:

    Doctors’ offices in Tennessee have been accidentally sending patient information, including Social Security numbers and medical histories, to an Indiana businessman’s fax machine for the past three years.

    The sensitive medical information was supposed to be sent to the Tennessee Department of Human Services, but Bill Keith, owner of SunRise Solar Inc. in Indiana, says hundreds of confidential medical faxes having been coming to him. […]

    Keith has tried to correct the problem with the state and doctors’ offices but to no avail. He even called the governor’s office. State officials say they have contacted the doctors’ offices and told them to be sure to use the correct fax number.

    It looks like the trouble stems from the toll-free fax number. Keith’s number is close to that of the state’s Disability Determination Section, under DHS. […]

    Scott Butler, an administrator for the Howell Allen Clinic in Nashville, said he was unaware that the office had faxed a patient’s information to the wrong site. […]

    “My concern is two-fold,” Butler said. “Why not notify us as soon as you know this is going on? Why didn’t you tell me this two years ago? And our other concern is with the HIPAA (federal privacy law) side of it.”

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