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    TechRadar: The future of search: Google will ‘just know’ says Schmidt

    TechRadar analyzes an interview with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt in the Telegraph UK, and the analysis notes comments about the collection of personal data:

    Google has hinted at the future of internet search, saying that in the future instead of typing in a search term, it will “just know”. […] “We still think of search as something you type. Perhaps a decade from now, you will think, well, that was interesting, I used to type but now it just knows,” [Schmidt] said.

    “How does it know? Well, on mobiles we know where you are, down to the nearest foot. You’ve chosen to log in, with your permission, and it knows where you are and it can provide a personalised service,” he continued.

    “Technically, with your permission, we know where you are, we know your history, we can do data extraction and look at what it tells us.”

    “With your permission” being a recurring refrain, Google is obviously keen to make it clear that all this data mining is being done on the up and up.

    While it’s not exactly clear how your location, social interactions and behaviour could tell Google exactly what you want to search for at any given time, a kind of mind-reading service could be the way that Google is heading.

    Well, we say mind-reading, it would be more like informed guessing at what you might want or need, in much the same way that predictive text guesses at what you’re typing based on your first couple of letters and things you’ve typed before.

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