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    Swedish Data Inspector Criticizes Use of Surveillance Cameras in Schools

    The Swedish Data Inspector has criticized the use of surveillance cameras in the country’s schools, finding that they invade students’ privacy. He also raised the problem that such programs would create a generation of Swedes who accept constant surveillance. According to the Local:

    Sweden’s Data Inspection Board (Datainspektionen – DI) has demanded that seven schools change their use of surveillance cameras in a decision it hopes will set a precedent for schools across the country.

    The ruling follows an investigation by the Board revealed that seven different school were currently deploying surveillance cameras in a way which violated Swedish regulations governing the use of the cameras. […]

    Six of the schools were told they could no longer use any of their surveillance cameras when school is in session on the weekdays.

    But Tensta high school, which today has 60 surveillance cameras in place, will be allowed to keep one camera in operation during school hours.

    Due to previous problems with the theft of computer equipment at the school, Tensta high school has been granted permission to keep one camera near the computer equipment storage area.

    In the article, Gräslund writes that the Board’s decision is “a wake-up call for all schools in Sweden which use or are considering using surveillance cameras indoors during the day” and claims that there is widespread ignorance about rules governing surveillance, which occurs regularly and is often an invasion of privacy.

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