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    Study: Huge Disconnect Between Companies’ Privacy Experts and Marketers

    MarketWire spotlights a new report, 2008 U.S. Study on Email Marketing Practices and Privacy, from the Ponemon Institute and Strongmail (an e-mail marketing company). The study “found significant gaps in perceptions between marketers and privacy professionals in terms of how email marketing practices affect consumers’ privacy rights and risks to personal information.” The Ponemon Institute surveyed companies and spoke to about 500 people in data protection roles and more than 700 people with marketing duties.

    According to the study, more than one-third of marketers do not limit the data they distribute to third parties, whereas 75% of privacy professionals believe that their organizations limit the data it shares. In fact, marketers report a willingness to share such personal information as credit card number (45%), debit card number (39%), Social Security number (29%), and bank account/routing number (17%).

    More findings from the report:

    — 75% of privacy professionals believe their organization limits the
    customer information that is shared with third parties vs. 40% of marketers
    — 59% of marketers reported that a data breach resulted in the loss of
    potential customers, and 56% reported a corresponding loss in existing
    — 72% of marketers who outsource email marketing reported a data breach
    vs. 56% of marketers from the general survey population
    — Only 44% of marketers believe that they are compliant with CAN-SPAM
    vs. 83% of privacy professionals

    The study can be downloaded here. More coverage at

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