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    Scotsman: Protect your privacy from hacker attacks

    In the wake of the scandal about accusations of phone hacking by the News of the World, the Scotsman takes a look at how a person can protect herself from such attacks:

    PUBLIC uproar over the phone hacking scandal has re- ignited fears about our personal privacy and security as we struggle against the white-hot heat of technology. Many will this weekend be wondering how secure are their land and mobile telephones, their nternet bank, credit card, savings and mortgage accounts?

    They are about as safe as swimming with sharks. Phone hacking devices can be easily bought on the internet or at specialist security shops for less than £50.

    Even so, it is against the law to intercept telephone calls, except for virtually every government department, which are exempt under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Communications Data) Order 2010. As well as the intelligence and emergency services, some 40 public bodies have the right to access our phone data, from local authorities, the NHS and Royal Mail to tax officials, the pensions regulator, child support investigators and the Office of Fair Trading.

    But our spy society by no means ends there. Private detectives routinely offer surveillance services to trap a spouse suspected of infidelity or eavesdrop on teenage children. […]

    On top of this, our computers can be hacked by interested third parties but are also hourly under attack from global gangsters who employ armies to steal our personal data and take out loans in our names.

    So how can you avoid falling victim to the cyber muggers? We give you the facts.

    Read the full article for more information. It’s an interesting look at European privacy issues.

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