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    School Library Journal: ALA Launches Choose Privacy Week

    The School Library Journal reports that this is “Choose Privacy Week” for the American Library Association.

    “The point of Choose Privacy is to spark a nationwide dialogue of what privacy means to us, and what the privacy laws are today in the digital space,” says Angela Maycock, assistant director for ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

    For children, protecting those rights is even more critical as young students often aren’t sophisticated enough to grasp what is appropriate behavior on the Web. School librarians can play a crucial role in helping to steer children towards tools they can use to protect themselves, say experts. […]

    “We begin at a very young age teaching students that their library card is private, and what they check out is private, and we address it as an etiquette lesson,” says Linda Corey, chair of the Intellectual Freedom Committee for the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), and a coordinator of 36 school librarians in the Blue Valley Unified School District in Overland Park, KS. “They have a right to read what they want without people knowing, and we teach them that when someone is checking out books in front of you, you step back.”

    The ALA is also offering online tips to educators and parents on different ways to approach privacy concerns with students at […]

    “There’s a real gap in privacy knowledge,” says Maycock. “People are saying they’re very concerned about their privacy online. But they lack good information on how to deal with it.”

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