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    RT: “Has mommy had abortions?”- school questionnaire sparks outrage

    RT has a story about a disturbing questionnaire in Russia:

    A federal ministry questionnaire is asking the mothers of Russian schoolchildren if they have had abortions. This and other personal questions have sparked outrage among parents and the general public.

    Scandal has been growing around controversial questionnaire, entitled “Passport of a Pupil’s Health”, which the Russian Education and Science Ministry is planning to introduce in 2012.

    In the meantime, the ministry recently launched an experiment introducing the questionnaire in several schools in the Saratov region, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reports. The “Health Passport” immediately sparked a storm of controversy. […]

    The 43-page long document also requested details on the family’s income, details of their living conditions and other personal information. […]

    Outraged parents have gained support from a non-government organization “All-Russia Teacher-Parent Meeting”, which says the questionnaire violates basic civil rights and could even pose a serious danger.

    ”From the legal point of view this experiment is a gross violation of the main rights and freedoms of Russian citizens,” the organization’s statement said.

    “Chronic diagnoses are family and medical secrets,” the statement observed. ”Who and why, except for parents and doctors, needs information about the child’s health, his/her illnesses and sexual development? Can this information get into the hands of criminals and pedophiles or juvenile justice agencies?”

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