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    What is an RSS feed? Why do I want one? How do I get one for this site?

    RSS is a technology that allows users to track updates to content on a Web site or blog through a notification list (also known as a “feed”). This feed can be “read” through RSS “readers” or “aggregators.” (For a more detailed explanation of RSS, go to Software Garden’s “What is RSS?” page.) 

    An RSS feed for this site is useful because it automatically lets you know when a new post is added. This means that you don’t have to visit the site multiple times during the day to see if new posts have been published. 

    Click here to get the Privacy Lives RSS feed. Depending on the feed reader that you have in your Web browser, you may see options to: choose to mail yourself a link to the feed page, subscribe to the feed in your e-mail (this usually means a Privacy Lives RSS feed mailbox will show up in your e-mail program), or add the RSS feed page to your Web browser bookmarks. If all you see is XML code, then you need to download a feed reader.