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    Report: Norway and US Close to Deal to Share Citizens’ Data

    According to Aftenposten, Norway and the United States are close to an agreement to share personal data on their citizens.

    The head of the Norwegian Data Inspectorate, Georg Apenes, says the USA has a limitless thirst for information about peoples private lives.

    When the agreement is signed, all kinds of information, ranging from travel plans, e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers to web surfing habits, will be made available to American security services. The timing coincides with a similar deal between the EU and the United States.

    Read my previous post on the EU-US data-sharing negotiations. In other Norwegian data privacy news, AFP reports that “Norway’s national tax office said Wednesday it had mistakenly sent confidential information about nearly all Norwegian adults to nine media groups, an error the government described as ‘extremely serious.'”

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