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    Privacy Policy

    May 2008

    Melissa Ngo and (referred to collectively as “”) follow the Code of Fair Information Practices in regard to personal data collected or maintained in connection with this site or as part of business activities. follows the FIPs as applied under the 1980 OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Trans-Border Flows of Personal Data and abides by the principles of: 1. Collection Limitation; 2. Data Quality; 3. Purpose Specification; 4. Use Limitation; 5. Security Safeguards; 6. Openness; 7. Individual Participation; and 8. Accountability. Contact via e-mail: privacy AT

    1. Collection Limitation does not routinely collect any data from visitors. If visitors’ personal data is obtained, then it is usually immediately deleted without review. Visitors may choose to provide personal data through the comments section or e-mail and that data may be kept for business purposes.’s hosting company, Dreamhost, may maintain logs or otherwise collect data about site visitors. Visit to review its privacy policy. will not routinely seek out or use visitor data, but reserves the right to collect or use any relevant data about site users if there is evidence of hacking, harassment or other illegal activity. 

    2. Data Quality does not routinely collect personal data through the site or through Ngo’s consulting practice. (See discussion of business data collected via Ngo’s consulting practice below in Purpose Specification) Any data collected will be kept under the standards of relevance, accuracy, necessity, completeness, and currency. Any individual who provides personal data may ask for it to be corrected, updated, or deleted. will comply with reasonable requests, but may retain any data as originally provided if it may be needed for business or legal purposes.

    3. Purpose Specification

    Personal data provided in connection with activities or Ngo’s consulting practice may be used or disclosed for reasonable business purposes. However, clients’ business data is normally treated as confidential and not disclosed without the consent or knowledge of the client unless otherwise agreed or the data is otherwise public. may disclose data when required by law, in response to a subpoena, or if served with a search warrant. also may voluntarily disclose data about site activities or Ngo’s consulting practice to law enforcement, the site hosting company, or others in connection with the business operation of or Ngo’s consulting practices.

    4. Use Limitation may use personal data provided in connection with the site or Ngo’s consulting practice for business purposes. Such business purposes usually entail providing services to a client or discussing the provision of services with a prospective client. Usually, will seek consent from data providers before allowing associates to access or use their data. 

    5. Security Safeguards normally maintains personal data obtained via the site, e-mail or client interaction in a home office with routine home security, and backup files are kept in secure areas outside the residence. The data is not routinely accessible to outside individuals. Encryption and other forms of security are used to protect the data from loss, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification, or disclosure. 

    6. Openness

    This privacy policy describes the processing of personal data obtained through and Ngo’s consulting practice. This policy may change from time to time in response to new laws, changes in the hosting company, changes in the hosting company’s independent policies or practices, changes in Ngo’s business, or otherwise. While and Ngo reserve the right to make any changes to this policy at any time, no major changes to the general approach detailed here are expected.

    7. Individual Participation

    Any individual who is the subject of personal information maintained by may ask: 1. if any information about the individual is maintained; 2. to see the data maintained; 3. to correct, update, or delete the information maintained. Reasonable requests will be granted without charge. An explanation will accompany any denials of such requests.

    8. Accountability

    Melissa Ngo is responsible for the content of this policy and for complying with its requirements. Complaints or questions may be sent via e-mail: privacy AT