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    Privacy International Announces a Project on European Privacy and Human Rights

    London-based Privacy International has announced a new project concerning privacy rights in Europe.

    Privacy International is pleased to announce commencement of the European Privacy and Human Rights (EPHR) Project in partnership with the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and the Center for Media and Communications Studies at Central European University (CEU) funded by the European Commission under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme (JLS/2008/FRC-1).

    The EPHR project will carry out a comprehensive review of privacy law across all EU Member states which in itself is a substantial task, but further to this, the EPHR project will deliver the results of this study in a number of innovative and interactive ways with the aim of increasing awareness of privacy rights across the European region and helping to empower all citizens to take control of their own privacy in this technologically complex age.

    As well as delivering an inclusive survey, ranking privacy across the EU and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of legislation throughout the European region the EPHR project will disseminate this data in the countries’ language. Further, through a range of technologies and platforms, the EPHR project will allow the citizens of Europe to explore their rights in innovative ways.

    In the fast-moving world of mobile computing and the ever growing desire to access more information faster and in a format suitable for a range of environments it is important to make the data as accessible as possible. The EPHR project will meet this challenge through a range of applications (online and offline), privacy focused events, information portals and a privacy gateway.

    EPHR consists of three action areas:

    • Map European Privacy laws and recent developments as well as summarise the trends in light of the right to privacy;
    • Disseminate information and publish it on multiple online and offline platforms;
    • Develop innovative awareness-raising campaigns to be launched at the International Data Protection Data on 28th January 2011.

    The collaboration between the partners and European countries’ contributors from academia, public authorities and civil society will strengthen European networks of privacy advocates.

    More detail in the announcement.

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