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    Politico: Brazil to take up Internet privacy bill

    Politico reports that Brazilian legislators will consider a law concerning the online privacy rights of individuals:

    Brazilian lawmakers will take up an online privacy protections bill this week that business groups say will stanch the free flow of data and with it Brazil’s economic growth.

    Supporters are pushing the measure, which would impose restrictions on how Internet service providers use the personal data of Brazilians in response to the growing furor around the world over reports that the United States spied on foreign allies, including President Dilma Rousseff’s administration.

    Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies is scheduled to consider the legislation this week, and an amendment is expected that would impose in-country data storage requirements on Internet service providers.

    The underlying measure would bar companies from storing email and voice communications and require they keep information on IP addresses and connection durations on file for one year. A Brazilian congressman’s aide said votes on the legislation could begin as early as Monday. […]

    Supporters of the local-data amendment in Brazil say it isn’t related to the anti-spying goal of the broader bill so much as it is intended to protect the country’s national security. Requiring companies to keep the information in the country will allow the government to access it in the course of criminal investigations, said a spokeswoman for Alessandro Molon, a member of the lower house who is shepherding the broader Internet privacy legislation.

    “It would make these companies obey Brazilian law,” the spokeswoman told POLITICO.

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