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    Opinion at Digital Signage Expo: Digital Signage Privacy Standards: Where to Start and Why the Industry Needs Them

    In an opinion piece at Digital Signage Expo, Center for Democracy and Technology Policy Counsel Harley Geiger (disclosure: he’s a friend and colleague) urges the industry to establish and follow strong privacy standards in its data collection practices. (CDT has released a set of privacy guidelines, which I consulted on and contributed to, in the report “Building the Digital Out-Of-Home Privacy Infrastructure.”) Geiger writes:

    Digital signage companies increasingly use facial recognition, RFID and other technologies to identify consumers and tailor ads to their personal information. At present, the digital signage industry has no generally accepted set of privacy standards for these marketing methods. Yet the need for such guidance is growing as companies continue to build the infrastructure to support the pervasive use of tracking technologies in digital signage. […]

    The growing use of these technologies by disparate actors around the globe signals a broader opportunity to develop strong privacy standards for the industry as a whole. Privacy controls are essential for the industry to preserve consumer trust as digital signage continues to assimilate identification and interactivity technologies. Unless the industry self-regulates, it is likely to face consumer backlash and reactive government regulation that may stifle innovation. (For more on this point, please see my earlier blog post on digital signage and consumer privacy.) […]

    DSF’s attention to digital signage privacy is potentially a very positive step for the industry. If DSF is dedicated to working with digital signage companies to incorporate strong privacy protections into their business models, then DSF has the opportunity to lead the industry into a new era of responsible, consumer-friendly interactive marketing.

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