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    NY Daily News: Officials pull plug on website promoting hidden camera gadgets for principals

    The New York Daily News reports that education officials in the state had a Web site for spying gadgets, such as pencil sharpeners with hidden camera technology:

    The city Education Department pulled the plug on its website portal to an I-Spy-type arsenal where principals browsed for hidden cameras to trick out their halls.

    Among the 45 undercover devices The News found listed on the site, were:

    – A fluffy teddy bear with a built-in camera.
    – A mini-cam fitted electric pencil sharpener.
    – Neckties that double as spy-ties.

    After inquiries from The News, the city pulled the spy gear down from its site and the New York Civil Liberties Union blasted the the online bazaar as Big Brother Gone Wild. […]

    The secret cameras, which appear to violate school rules that forbid taking photos of kids without parental permission, disturbed privacy advocates. Paranoid principals appeared to be using the site, with three schools ponying up $1,700 over two years on covert surveillance gizmos, some as crafty as those favored by James Bond.

    The principal at the SEEALL Academy in Brooklyn faces a possible investigation for using a $490 hidden camera pencil sharpener. Principal Gary Williams also forked over $330 for a motion detector to guard his office. He declined to comment. […]

    City Education Department spokeswoman Deidrea Miller said the agency has asked the special commissioner for investigation to look into the spying.

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