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    NPR: Lawmakers Are Working On Anti-Brain-Chip Bill

    National Public Radio reports on state efforts to restrict the use of a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip to track or “mark” individuals. Previously, I noted that in 2008, Missouri passed HB 2041, which makes it a misdemeanor for any employer to “require an employee to have personal identification microchip technology implanted into the employee for any reason.” The states of California, North Dakota (pdf) and Wisconsin (pdf) also have passed legislation forbidding the compelled implantation of RFID chips in humans. I’ve discussed how the use of RFID technology in ID cards can raise privacy and security questions.

    NPR reports:

    A [Georgia] state House committee approved a measure this week that makes it a misdemeanor to implant microchips, sensors, transmitters or any other manner of tracking devices into individuals against their will. The state Senate has already passed the bill.

    State Rep. Ed Seltzer, who sponsored the measure, conceded in testimony before the Georgia House Judiciary Committee that he had no evidence forced microchip implantation was occurring on a widespread basis. […]

    But Georgia lawmakers are not alone in perceiving a threat. Microchip consent laws have been squashed this year in Virginia and Tennessee, but similar legislation has passed in California, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

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