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    NPR: Hunting For A Password That Only You Will Know

    NPR reports on passwords and how you need to make them stronger so that your privacy will be protected:

    Passwords — almost everyone’s got one, or two, or 10. But are passwords really the best way to protect your digital identity? […]

    Security expert Markus Jakobsson says, just imagine that you went jogging in the forest, and you stepped on a squirrel.

    That’s one way to create a strong password, says Jakobsson, who created a new password system called “Fastwords.”

    “Think of a story,” he says. “Turn it into three important words of the story.” 

    And instead of punching in a random series of characters on a computer or a smartphone, users just need a three-word combination from a story they will remember.

    Jakobsson says the more bizarre — jogging, forest, squirrel — the less likely a hacker will be able to get into your account. And the more likely you’ll be able to remember it. […]

    How bad are we at passwords? Earlier this month, Hotmail announced new e-mail users will be banned from using passwords like “password,” “123456” and “ilovecats.” […]

    Our memories are bad with passwords, and we can easily lose a key, so some researchers have turned their focus to biometrics — that is, using parts of your body as an ID.

    Engineering psychologist Kelly Caine says there’s a reason we haven’t seen a wide use of biometrics instead of passwords.

    “Your credentials, so your face, your iris, or your fingerprint, can’t be re-issued if they get compromised,” she says.

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