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    NPR: Dutch Police Used TomTom’s GPS Data To Target Speeders

    NPR reports that police in the Netherlands used GPS data from TomTom to catch people who speed:

    In the Netherlands, another kind of GPS scandal is brewing: The government bought aggregate global positioning system data from the automotive navigation company TomTom and then used it to install speed cameras in places where drivers are most likely to speed. […]

    Yesterday, TomTom’s CEO Harold Goddijn put out a statement on YouTube, saying the company collects anonymous information to help build its intelligence about about traffic and routing. The company also sells the data to governments, he said, so they can improve safety, for example, and know where new roads need to be built.

    Instead, the Dutch press reported, police in the Netherlands used the data to find stretches of roads where drivers were likely to break the speed limit and they installed speed cameras in those places. […]

    The Wall Street Journal reports that TomTom also collects data from Vodafone mobile phone users. TomTom then sells that that real-time data service, which allows navigation around congestion, to its customers. For 50 euros a year that service also includes the ability for users to receive warnings about the locations of speed cameras.

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