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    Next Avenue: A Privacy Expert’s 3 Tips to Protect Yourself Online

    Next Avenue has an interview with Julia Angwin, who has written about privacy for the Wall Street Journal and has a new book on privacy and technology, “Dragnet Nation.” Angwin discusses tips on how people can better protect their privacy online:

    In researching her book, Pulitzer Prize-finalist Angwin (who reported on privacy and tech issues for The Wall Street Journal and now does for ProPublica) set out to see what kind of digital footprint she’d left on the Internet. She tried obtaining her data from online and offline data brokers. Only a few let her see what they’d collected and much of that was cursory. Still, what they did share, Angwin writes, was “deeply unsettling.”

    It included: every address where she’d lived dating back to college; every phone number; the names of almost all her relatives; a list of nearly 3,000 people with whom she’d exchanged emails plus records of about 26,000 Web searches she made over the past seven years; glimpses of her shopping habits; and internal communications with her employer about her reporting plans.

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