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    News Leader: Virginia removes personal information from disabled parking permits

    The News Leader reports on a change by the commonwealth of Virginia designed to protect the privacy of disabled drivers:

    To protect personal information, disabled parking placards issued after July 1 will no longer display the name, birthdate or gender of the placard holder since they are displayed on a vehicle’s rear view mirror in public view. […]

    While parked in a disabled parking space, Virginia law requires placard holders to carry the disabled parking identification card they received from the Department of Motor Vehicles along with their placard. They must present it to law enforcement officers if requested. The placard ID card does not have a photograph, but has the customer’s name, address, placard number and expiration date.

    Customers with temporary or permanent disabled placards issued before July 1 can use tape to permanently cover their name and birthdate on the placard.

    DMV offers disabled parking placards and plates for customers with temporary or permanent disabilities that limit or impair their mobility. They are also available to customers with conditions that create a safety concern while walking such as Alzheimer’s disease or lung-related diseases.

    One Response to “News Leader: Virginia removes personal information from disabled parking permits”

    1. David Says:

      Good. My mom hated disclosing these information. I recently found her a unique gadget called Visortag at to protect her tag, and allow her to easily swing it down when she park, and up when she drives. it is a cool gadget and priced right. Very sturdy, clips to visor and protects the tag and what is nice about it is you can tape over the the name and birthdate and insert it into the holder and it will never move. Having the registration should be enough to verify the user identity in my opinion.

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